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Brief Introduction

Basic Introduction:

I am Anand Kumar, I have been playing an active role in Internet marketing since 2005. I am working with WSI as the General Manager of Digital Marketing.
Sharing my knowledge, experience and my passion for innovation & growth has made the company I work with one of the leading online marketing firms.

I am an extremely resourceful and forward-thinking marketing professional with more than 9+ years of digital marketing and content management experience backed by a proven track record of sales successes through strategic online marketing campaign development and execution.

I enjoy creating and executing Internet marketing campaigns. I am also an expert email marketer and have a proven track record of sales successes through email marketing initiatives, from copywriting to drafting, A/B testing and more. I have been fortunate to maintain a marketing role for 5 years that allowed me to build my skills working with some of the top companies of our generation.


Msc(IT): Passed with First Division. Helped me in laying more emphasis on On Page Optimizations.

M.Tech(IT): Passed with First Division and specialization in E-commerce helped me in understanding Search Engine Pulse.

M.B.A (E-business): Passed with First Division.

Diploma in Mass Communication: Helped me to Focus on SEO and internet marketing as a Media Agency.

Certified Google Adwords Professional with 95% passing Score.

Education and Experience helped me in realizing: how industries grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies.

Love for open source technologies helped me understand the importance of communities in developing the Technologies.

Hindi, English. I can also Speak German, Arabic and Romanian at Beginner Level.


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