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E-commerce Amazon Drip Model

DRIP model is a marketing communication model and it is mainly used in broad communication plan. It’s a very useful plan when it’s used in launching new products or existing products.

D stands for differentiate, R for reinforce, I for Inform and P for persuade.
It involves differentiating your product from the existing market where it’s positioned and 7 P’s tool can be used for this purpose.

P is for the Product, first will be the quality, in this case, we can use Amazon and Flipkart. Quality is a very broad term, so every component can be broken to differentiate the process, this is very useful for the DRIP Process. Image of the product, not the product's image, which is very crucial from the eye of the consumer. Branding is the vital component in this.
Feature is very useful in the electronic market, it differentiates the product and the basic feature of the product can be seen the buyer. This component is very useful in differentiating the target market, for example, for iPhone and Samsung mobile, the target audience is different.
Customer Service and support is very vital for the industry, Amazon offers 24 hour-service for their buyers and Support is provided, being a middleman in the distribution channel it's easy for them to give to the customer at the cost of their seller. For example, a defective mobile might be replaced but it adds to the burden for the seller because of the higher return cist in packaging and shipping.
Warranties for the metro cities are fine, but the tier 2 and tier 3 cities are the major challenges today.

Promotion now plays a crucial role, it's the backbone of survival. During the festive season like Diwali, it can be easily monitored by an average marketing person. Different forms of advertisement like digital, print and other form of traditional marketing are used.
There have been various regulations by the government regulating the flow of marketing activities to the potential buyers who have not subscribed to their services. This is a major challenges for advertising companies, recent laws on email marketing are also a major setback.
Content marketing strategy has been growing rapidly due to this restriction in this form of advertisement and indirect benefit advertisement companies like Google and Facebook.
Major deals from Flipkart, Amazon to attract their customer bases have been successful, for example deal for a few hours which has sense of urgency from the potential buyer.

Price is the major challenge for the online retail market with majority of sellers listed on almost all major online retail portals. Seller may increase their prices where the payment, commission is not to their advantage, this has resulted in the marketplace in decreasing their commission and this has resulted in major losses for the companies.
Various price comparison sites have also made the task difficult and Google shopping ad which clearly compares the prices of the item while displaying this gives the major disadvantage to the online retailers.
People play a crucial role and many of the online retailing companies have moved closer to the location where the most employees are located, and this is also the additional burden for the company due to the rising cost of the real estate market.
Physical Evidence is also a major cost center with a majority of the companies restricting sellers from using their own packaging and they have to use the packaging rule set by the online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart, they have their own set of rules for the packaging of the product according to their guidelines.
This is to reinforce the brand’s message that it’s better, economical, and easier.
This is to inform the people about the brand and educate them if the product is new. Amazon and Flipkart both have informed the people to download their app and reward them for downloading. This is a very cost-effective way of staying in touch with the target audience.

This role can be seen by Amazon and Flipkart where they persuade buyers with the offers and deals to persuade them to purchase. Big data is also used to store the audience preference to show them related products or service related to their habit and even in their regional languages.


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