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Let’s talk about the hard element first Strategy is the hardest segment where the survival of the company may depend, an example other than online portal would be the Epson Vs HP printers, they have both stood the time of the decade with different technology in there printing head, Epson relying on a technology which is much more expensive than HP and they were able to stand firm with their strategy and currently they are able to compete even with the price difference.
eBay and Amazon. eBay was started as an auction website and over the years the concept of auction has lost its touch and now eBay is both auction site and shopping website and Amazon has given them tough competition over the years and in few countries like India, eBay had to wind up its operation due to different model of operation from the market and finally Indian operation was sold to Flipkart.
Structure: eBay has more than 12000 employees and 12 directors, each manage different geographical business areas. Separation of eBay from PayPal in 2015 made out eBay in a difficult position, this structural change was the major game changer for eBay.

System is very important in online retail business like employee selection, CRM system and cloud deployment. Website technology is also a very important component, for example, Paytm had to open Paytm Mall and this was a totally different system for the online seller. 


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